Legal information  

Ernesto Cardona Benejam (hereinafter Fincas Cardona,) which operates through the website (, established C. Branch, 24 - 07730 Alaior (Menorca), informs its customers of its Data Protection Policy Personal accordance with current legislation in this matter. Fincas Cardona may amend this policy at its discretion, provided under the legislation

User information

The user agrees that the personal information to Fincas Cardona given now or in the future, can be included within a personal data base, and can be used for the purpose of drawing up statistics.

Any files created shall be held responsible by Fincas Cardona. The owner of the information reseves the right to access computerized files, and can also exercise his rights to rectify and erasure data. For this purpose, you must send a signed letter from the owner of the information to Fincas Cardona, indicated at the top of this page, attaching a copy of National Identity or passport together with address of the holder confirming that Fincas Cardona are acting on your behalf. Fincas Cardona will then confirm reciept of your request.

Certain information is required for by to perform the contracted service, and Fincas Cardona has the right to refuse service to anyone who does not provide this the information required.

consent for the processing and transfer of your personal information will be revocable at any time by sending written notice to the above address.The letter must be signed by the owner of the information, indicating your address and enclosing a copy of your DNI or NIF.

Use of Cookies

In order to speed the service for each user, therefore uses cookies. Cookies are blocks of memory that some websites send to your computers hard drive when it is connected, in order to identify it, such information is stored on the hard disk of the user's computer. The cookies are only associated with an anonymous user, not allowing access to personal data or, in general, a data user's hard drive. The user can configure the browser to install a cookie on your hard drive or to reject all or some cookies. In this case or if the operating speed and quality of services may decrease

Fincas Cardona uses cookies for various reasons, one of which is to ensure a faster and customised service for the user to analise information and analise information as it is added and registers the cookies to record levels of traffic and audience and user areas of, this information, contributes to the evaluation and review of services and products offered to the user in and is accepted by Fincas Cardona in the contents of the website.